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Alexandr Melnikov

Alexandr Melnikov

Head of Executive Search


Transformation, disruption, and Covid in the Waste and Recycling sector

Peter Payne, IRC Australia (The Insight Group)

The article contains insights on leadership in a period of cultural transformation, strategic challenge and disruption, Covid-19, and achieving Work-Life balance.

CEO reset thinking

Raj Kumar Paramanathan, IRC Malaysia & Thailand (CnetG Asia)

CnetG Asia and IRC Global Executive Search Partners organised a luncheon themed "CEO reset thinking: Navigating challenges and opportunities in 2020". Here are some insights from this session...

How technology will level the field and boost productivity to feed the world

IRC Agribusiness Global Practice team

With the world population projected to grow from 7.7bn billion in 2020 to nearly 10 billion by 2050, more food will need to be produced on less land amid growing water scarcity and other climate-related pressures, necessitating another green revolution to boost output. The majority of the population growth over the next 30 years will be concentrated in megacities of the developing world, putting a strain on global food supplies, especially in Africa and Asia.

“The service was provided in a high quality way. The partners showed the expected result very fast. Customer focus is at TOP level. There are no complaints. I recommend GRC for cooperation.”

Margarita Bobik, Head of talent acquisition, MHP
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