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Alexandr Melnikov

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Business unusual – moving on after the crisis

Advaita Naidoo, IRC South Africa

The past few months have seen the world thrown into turmoil; as one popular meme puts it, we’re all awaiting a return to “precedented” times. But we all know that won’t happen.

From crisis, opportunity: Industrial sector sees new trends

IRC Industrial/Production Practice Group

The Covid crisis has touched almost everyone on the planet, and the Industrial sector is no exception. It has led to both depression at lockdowns and falling numbers and anticipation at the potential for transformation and new opportunities.

A chance to rethink the Luxury & Branded Goods sector for the future

IRC Consumer & Retail Practice Group

When crisis strikes, surely the first sectors of the economy to suffer are non-essentials, such as luxury goods. But how badly has the luxury goods market been affected, and how quickly will it rebound?

“Команда Executive Search обладает богатым опытом, экспертизой и знаниями рынка.
HeadHunter Ukraine зарекомендовала себя как надежный партнер, который сохраняет обещания, прозрачность, этику и конфиденциальность в процессе поиска и привлечения кандидатов.”

Кейсуке Нишино, Генеральный директор, Mitsubishi Motors
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