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Alexandr Melnikov

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The way NGOs must operate in the future

Malcolm Duncan, IRC Global NGO & Not For Profit Practice Leader

The current criticism of the World Health Organisation for their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic highlights a major issue for the way NGOs must operate in the future.

2020 Could be beginning of new decade for women

We are at the precipice of a new decade of change for women. As 2020 creates new promises across different socio-economic fronts, this decade will embrace and welcome women’s role in government, politics, business and corporate leadership in a way that normalises their presence and influence in otherwise homogeneous male environments.

Human potential – the key to a restart

Mirek Hofírek and Petr Kulhánek, IRC Czech Republic

We find ourselves in a time that is unfortunately affected in all aspects of our lives by an invisible threat. It’s a threat that not only affects human health, but has entered people's minds with devastating effect, upsetting their psychological balance and the economic health of society, and as a result posing existential questions by part of the population itself.

“MAS Seeds выражает вам уважение и благодарность, мы хотели бы отметить высокий уровень партнерства с Head Hunter Ukraine, командой Executive search.
Чрезвычайно талантливая команда оперативно реагирует на потребности клиентов и предлагает профессиональных кандидатов!
Особая благодарность за мгновенную обратную связь и выполнение обязательств!”

Сергей Чеботарев, директор по продажам и маркетингу, MAS Seeds
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