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Ben Verwaayen - keeping the horticulture industry on its toes

Patrick Westerburger, Agribusiness & Agriscience Global Practice Leader, IRC Netherlands

The Netherlands and the agricultural sector have always been closely connected. Some 24% of the world’s trade in horticultural products is in Dutch hands, while 50% of global trade in floricultural products are controlled by Dutch companies. The Netherlands is the world’s number one in greenhouse horticulture, the number one producer of onions, and the number one exporter (in value) of fresh vegetables.

The top five leadership skills for 2021

Gurdeep S. Hora, IRC Asia Pacific Regional Leader and IRC Technology Practice Group Leader

Consumer behaviour and expectations have suddenly leap-frogged and the business must evolve; everyone is playing catch-up. To stay relevant, now is the time to revisit key assumptions of the past.

Technology, adaptability and mindset to drive growth, future-proof busines

IRC Technology Practice Group

On 10 November, IRC Global Executive Search Partners convened a virtual roundtable with some of the world’s leading technology executives to discuss how digital transformation is changing the talent and leadership qualities required to excel in a dynamic business environment with an increasingly distributed workforce.

“Компания G5 Entertainment AB очень благодарна команде GRC за помощь в исследовании рынка. В оговоренные сроки мы получили качественно выполненный анализ, профессиональную консультацию и море сэкономленного времени. Все было сделано очень быстро и качественно.
Спасибо команде GRC, мы с радостью обратимся к вам снова и будем рекомендовать коллегам!”

Валентина Гамова, Lead Recruiter, G5 Games
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